Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sadness Part II - Bruise Bane

Every once in a while, we get sad accidents like these. And the worse thing is that the bruises and scars lingers for a long time during the healing. Everyone just hates scars or damages to beautiful things.
Hmmm.. how do I relate.... Ummm Think about your brand new car, and you accidently bruised or scar it.... Yeah.. That's how it feels. On a daily basis, whenever you look at your brand new car with all it's beauty and perfection, and you will notice the glaring bruise or cut - no matter how small. And that's exactly how I feel now... Sadness.
Still, I have to stay POSITIVE and continue being a Cheerleader!!!  Whoo hoo... Cartwheels.... Hahaha....


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