Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Sis is wondering what toy to buy for little b, coz she's trying to find a toy that's both "child-approve" and educational at the same time. Incidentally, Carmen got him a toy that I totally approve (2 thumbs up for being educational), but given a big "Nah..." by little b... You see, Carmen got him a "Human body" science set that comes with a real sethoscope and a human figurine with all the organs detachable for examination. Plus it comes with flash cards of question and answers about each body part, eg, "What creates the "lub-dub" sound that the heart makes?", "Apart from helping digestion, what is the other main function of the liver?, "How long does food stays in the stomach?", etc...I betcha didn't know those answers off hand, eh?

When I brought little b to choose his birthday gifts, did you know where I found him hanging around? The Bop-It shelf...!!! For those who have never seen a "Bop-It", it looks like this:

The Bob-It is meant for toddlers, to hone their motor skills, even though it is stated on the toy that it's for children aged 8 and above. Little b loves it because he has played with it before at a McDonald's party. And each time he plays with it at the toy store, I tell him that it’s kid’s stuff, to which he will cleverly retort, “I know, Mom, I just want to play here… not buy it!!!” He says it loudly, with all sincerity and innocence, and in front of other customers and shopkeepers… making it quite embarrassing because everyone will think that I taught the kid to play there and not buy....*^v^*

Talking about teaching, we went for a movie yesterday . And there was this kid, (umm, about 4-5 years old), sitting right behind little b. This little kid was a bit sick as we can hear him coughing away throughout the movie. And then, all of a sudden, he sneezed and coughed very hard (probably choked on his popcorn which he inserted through his nose)..... And with that sneeze, thousands and millions of his saliva droplets (probably with pheglm and do I need to mention germs) flew out from his sick mouth and nose, and conveniently dropping onto little b and myself!!!! It was so gross. It felt gross. Even thinking of it now makes me get goosebumps and my reflex automatically signals me to wipe my hair and arm again now.....

Bryan shouted “Yuks” and rub the back of his short hair in a vain attempt to clean himself of "cooties". My eyes took a quick dart to the back to catch a glimpse of the kid and his dad, and I noticed the parents just didn’t care and continued watching movie. So I took the cue from little b and fussed loudly, “Yer, so dirty! So much germs!!!” and started wiping little b and myself vigorously and frantically (on purpose). But the parents still didn’t care, especially the father.… just “buat tak tahu”. So I turned my head around to look at the parents, and the father pretended to be so engrossed in the movie that he did not to see me. I turned my body around to stare at the mother and I see her poking the husband to do something. I was aghast that the obnoxious father still didn’t care and continued watching the movie, without even caring to teach their son about hygiene and closing their mouth when coughing or sneezing. And one wonders how H1N1 spreads so fast in this country.

Only after I turn around to look at the mother again, did she manage a feeble “Sorry...” But still she didn’t reprimand the child and reinforce about hygiene. By that time, it was already too late, as the elapse time was already too long and the kid wouldn’t understand what he did wrong even if you scold him.

And best part is…the father still didn’t budge and was totally glued to the big screen, probably oogling at Mystic's figure. I guess he was just too engrossed in his Father’s day present (to watch X-men uninterrupted) to bother about anything else in the world. I wanted to shout at him “Happy Father’s day, I hope your son grows up to be a better father” …. But of course I didn’t…. coz I know better to care about other people's life.

Instead, I just turn around and told little b about the importance of hygiene and how yucky it would be if he was to sneeze like that kid… and just at that moment, a sneeze crept up into little b's nostrils.... and he covered it with 2 hands before he let go of a soft sneeze.

Bless you little b. Atta boy.... you made your Father's day happy just by being a good kid. :)

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.